Best Places for Hotels in Mykonos

Where to stay in Mykonos? When you search for the best places to stay in Mykonos while on vacation, the island’s western side provides the most popular and convenient locations for lodging. The majority of Mykonos hotels are found in the Town (Chora of Mykonos) and in the surrounding regions, standing only a short distance from the town’s center.

Mykonos Town is the epicenter of activities on the island, thus booking your accommodation nearby or in it, is quite advantageous; everything, from landmarks and restaurants to clubs, bars and excursions will be within walking distance. It is also a very popular location option for travelers who travel on a small or moderate budget or want to avoid renting a car or moto. For those who want to kick it up a notch, luxury and affordable luxury accommodation options can also be found here.

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In Mykonos, convenient hotels near the main town spread from Glastros in the south (20 min walk from the center) until Agios Stefanos Beach in the north (at only 2 bus stops away). Moreover, the port of Tourlos is a settlement with many hotels, relatively close to Chora but within driving distance.
Megali Ammos is a beach close to the town of Mykonos with a number of hotels as well. This bay is sandy and clean although rather windy during the high season.
If you would prefer to stay near the seaside and have easy access to those magnificent turquoise waters, then the most popular beach settlements with top-tier hotels are Ornos, Agios Ioannis, Kalafatis, Psarou, Paradise, Super Paradise, Kalo Livadi, and Platis Gialos. These are among the most exquisite and popular beaches of Mykonos.
Some of the hotels located here are in closer proximity to the bays than others, but the vast majority offer amazing sea and sunset vistas.
Other beaches, including Lia and Elia, also provide elegant accommodation while remaining away from the bustling crowds.

Let’s take a more precise look at the aforementioned locations and the top recommendations for lodging in or nearby them down below.

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Best places for your stay in Mykonos

Discover the best places in Mykonos for your stay and our recommendation of best hotels by location:

Mykonos Town

1. Stay in Mykonos Town

Chora is undeniably the heart of Mykonos; from the vivid ambiance with its local shops, establishments, entertainment hubs and excursions to the captivating environment of Little Venice, Alevkandra bay with its glimmering waters and the picturesque Windmills, it contains the very essence of the island’s charms. Thousands of travellers choose it for their accommodation every year, with numerous unique and elegant hotels to select from.

Oniro: With its distinctive warm yet minimal design, Oniro is justifiably among the best hotels of Mykonos Town. It flaunts luxurious amenities and exquisite units with wonderful sea views. Its pristine outdoor pool will cool you down, while the tasteful cafeteria accommodates guests for the daily breakfast. At only 6 minutes from the emblematic Windmills, Oniro is just as dreamy as its name suggests.

Belvedere: A well-acclaimed establishment in Mykonos Town, Belvedere is what luxury in Mykonos stands for; state-of-the-art facilities like a 24-hour gym, a gourmet fusion restaurant (Matsuhisa) and a crystalline pool with sea vistas. With various events organized every summer, its guests are kept entertained and pampered, resulting in many recurring travellers. Located in Chora’s center, Belvedere is close to everything worth experiencing in Town.

A Hotel: Situated at just 2 km from Mykonos Town, A Hotel is an exceptional combination of modernism and earthen, traditional features of the island. From its verdant pathways to the crystal-clear swimming pool and the stylish decor, it is a soothing environment to enjoy your stay in. A Hotel’s poolside bar and top-notch restaurant simply round up a memorable vacation.

Apanema: One of the top-tier lodgings in Mykonos Town is certainly Apanema Resort. At a 15 minute walk from the center, the resort flaunts excellent sea views, a breathtaking infinity pool and pristine accommodation. Ideal for newlywed couples thanks to its romantic ambiance and for groups of friends. The minimal design embeds the Cycladic style with modern accents. The posh interior and great amenities will elevate your experience in Mykonos.

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Megali Ammos

2. Stay in Megali Ammos Beach

Although it is the closest bay to Chora, Megali Ammos is pretty quiet and does not get crowded. This is partly due to its windy aspect but also because it is not organized and in close proximity to the main road. Nonetheless, its scenery is wonderful and that’s why there are a number of lavish hotels built above it.

Bill and Coo: When you want a more natural environment to stay at, Megali Ammos bay provides you with the 5-star excellency of Bill & Coo. Combining the turquoise Aegean waters with the lavish facilities and amenities of the establishment is an ideal way of savoring Mykonos. Pick one of the posh suites, dine in the Gastronomy Project restaurant and unwind by the upscale infinity pool. With a variety of pampering services available, hardly anything beats the Bill & Coo experience.

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Agios Stefanos

3. Stay in Agios Stefanos Beach

A shimmering golden bay near Mykonos Town is also Agios Stefanos. Thanks to the natural curving of it, Agios Stefanos is protected from the winds; this makes it a great area for water sports and it becomes very popular during summertime. Taverns and lodging options can be found nearby.

Mykonos Princess: An excellent choice when wanting to stay near Agios Stefanos bay, Mykonos Princess offers everything you would need for a dreamy accommodation. Undisturbed sea vistas, pristine outdoor pool, minimal yet modern decor, revamped Cycladic buildings and lots of natural lighting. From beauty treatments and a well-equipped gym to delicious meals at its restaurant, Mykonos Princess guarantees an unforgettable experience for every guest.

Rocabella Hotel: A state-of-the-art lodging right above the bay of Agios Stefanos, Rocabella Mykonos will dazzle every visitor with its grace. Undisturbed sea panoramas, a crystalline infinity pool, luxurious design and amenities are accompanied by the palatable dining experience at its restaurant. It is conveniently located only a few kilometres away from Mykonos’ International Airport and only a short drive from Chora. A fully equipped gym, private plunge pools and beauty treatments are only a part of the provided services at Rocabella Mykonos.

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Platis Gialos

4. Best hotels in Platis Gialos Beach

One of the most popular Mykonian beaches is Platis Gialos, with its glimmering sand and pristine waters. Fully organized with a plethora of establishments and hotels lining across its length, it gets quite crowded during summertime. Frequent transportation by bus and water-taxis, various activities and sea sports attract visitors annually. It lies 5 kilometres from Chora.

Myconian Ambassador: The 5-star accommodation of Myconian Ambassador Relais & Chateaux can be found perched above the wonderful Platis Gialos bay. It is also a short distance from the island’s airport and Chora. The excellent Aegean vistas, its crystalline infinity pools, the Cycladic and modern style fusion are a few things that catch the eye at first glance. But the unparalleled service, pampering amenities, and top-notch dining experience enhance it further. Thanks to its very romantic ambiance, the hotel is perfect for newlyweds and couples.

Petasos Beach resort & Spa: Standing on a private peninsula between the popular bays of Psarou and Platis Gialos, Petasos Beach Resort welcomes guests for an unforgettable stay. The breathtaking location allows for spectacular Aegean panoramas that can be further enjoyed while frolicking in the spacious infinity pool. The ambiance is idyllic and thus highly recommended for couples and honeymooners. It is minimal, whitewashed with cyan details exterior abides by the Cycladic principles. The interior is bathed in natural light, beautiful perky decor and designer details. With exceptional service, mouth-watering meals in its two restaurants, lavish beauty and wellness treatments, it is justifiably one of the top establishments of Mykonos. It is also conveniently located near a bus stop, for easy transportation around the island.

Nissaki Boutique Hotel: A fantastic choice of accommodation between the popular bays of Psarou and Platis Gialos, the 5-star Nissaki Boutique Hotel welcomes visitors. Majestic Aegean and Mykonian views, the turquoise outdoor pool overlooking the sea, an energizing revamped Cycladic decor and stylish designer details create the Nissaki experience. The hospitable staff, top-quality services, the plethora of recreational activities and wellness sessions help every guest unwind and get comfortable. The open-air restaurant along with the available bar-lounge and cafe ensure tasteful dining and drinking during your stay. It is recommended both for couples and groups of friends.

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Ornos Beach

5. Stay in Ornos Beach

Ornos is among the most visited beaches of Mykonos, relatively close to Chora and fully organized. Many hotels, beach bars and taverns can be found lined across it, while watersport schools operate on it as well. It is a good idea to book your sunbeds in advance if you plan on visiting during summertime.

Deliades Hotel: Overlooking the shimmering Ornos bay, guests can truly enjoy the Mykonian spirit in Deliades Hotel. The soothing minimalism of the traditional architecture is enhanced by the thoughtful, stylish details, while the indigo Aegean sea serves as an idyllic background. Every room enjoys the seascapes and every guest is treated with care and the pampering they deserve. Unwinding in Deliades is easy, as every necessary modern amenity and service are provided. With its convenient location and romantic vistas, it is a great choice for couples and groups.

Santa Marina Hotel: Situated near the Ornos bay on a private peninsula, Santa Marina is a lush Mykonian oasis. Fully equipped with a plethora of excellent facilities, including a fully-fledged spa center, an elaborate beach bar and a pool restaurant, your wellness and comfort are prioritized. Two wide infinity pools, a state-of-the-art gym and a tennis court with professional instructors will dazzle guests and fill their evenings with entertainment. The breathtaking design of Santa Marina incorporates earthen and Asian elements fused with the modernized Cycladic buildings; the result is simply elegant. It is ideal for every traveller, including families thanks to its children facilities.

Ammos: Another top-tier accommodation option of Ornos beach is the luxurious Ammos Hotel. Combining earthen tones and materials while maintaining the Cycladic element gives it a distinctive ambiance. It flaunts magnificent sea views that can be enjoyed on its plush sunbeds, both on the beach and the outdoor pool available. It also features two outstanding fusion restaurants, namely Kuzina and Farina. The in-lot beach bar provides guests with tasteful cocktails throughout the day. Thanks to its very convenient location, the main points of interest (such as the airport, port and Mykonos Town) are within quite short distances. Ideal lodging for both couples and friends, as a plethora of diners and shops can be found nearby too.

Kensho: For an out-of-the-ordinary accommodation experience, Kensho Ornos is a zen piece of luxury next to the golden bay of Ornos. Maintaining the minimal, cubic and whitewashed exterior design is where any similarity to the Mykonian traditional looks ends. Kensho invests in awakening the spirit and connection to nature, a notion signified by the evident presence of earthen, wood and stone elements. Every part of the establishment, from the posh restaurant and pristine pools throughout its premises, to the cave pool and exceptional suites, has been designed with harmony and balance in mind. Immerse yourself in the pampering wellness amenities, savor an exquisite drink and dining date with your significant other and create a tailor-made Mykonian itinerary thanks to the Kensho care and services.

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Agios Ioannis

6. Stay in Agios Ioannis Beach

Agios Ioannis is considered as the most beautiful bay of Mykonos’ west coast. Not too close to Chora, this shore enjoys views of Delos and the Aegean and has powder-like sand. It is ideal for a quiet getaway on the island.

Katikies: Perched above the Agios Ioannis beach, the 5-star resort of Katikies invites travellers for an exquisite Mykonian stay. The design of Katikies is nothing short of perfect; purifying white and natural lighting, splendid Cycladic minimalism with subtle Anatolian elements create a lush oasis. The resort flaunts a variety of fine-dining options, two crystalline infinity pools, a well-equipped gym and a spa center. Its units feature either a private pool or an outdoor jetted tub. With every essential and upscale amenity in the book provided by the hospitable staff and fantastic facilities, guests will enjoy every moment of their Mykonian vacation. Thanks to its location, only a short drive to Chora or the airport ensures perfect relaxation and ease.

Casa del Mar: Located in the private and quiet cove of Glyfadi bay, Casa Del Mar features top-notch villas for the perfect Mykonian getaway. Abiding by the Cycladic cubic style and minimalism, the villas blend details of stone and cooling grey color that help unwind the mind. Moreover, it includes every essential facility (wellness, fitness, dining) to make guests feel pampered, an experience that is fulfilled thanks to the staff’s professionalism. An idyllic resort for newlyweds and couples in Mykonos, Casa Del Mar can be easily located within a short distance from Mykonos Town and the airport.

Diana Villa: A great option for travellers who prefer seclusion and privacy, Diana Villa near Korfos bay in the Agios Ioannis area is the go-to answer. Flaunting a panoramic sea view of the Aegean, the villa’s infinity pool will take away the hot summer feeling and the sunbeds will help you unwind. The villa is styled in accordance with the Cycladic elements, with an earthy undertone. Every essential amenity is included, ensuring that residents have full autonomy throughout their stay. A verdant garden, the villa’s spacious sun terrace and a variety of activities can be either located nearby (like windsurfing) or arranged by the staff (like vehicle rentals). Diana Villa is a pet-friendly lodging, ideal for families or groups of friends, thanks to its multiple bedrooms and a short distance from the island’s airport.

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Kalafatis Hotels

7. Stay in Kalafatis Beach

A very popular bay of Mykonos, visitors pour in Kalafatis for its watersports and jet skiing activities. It is a fully organized beach with clear waters and golden sand almost always crowded throughout the high season.

The Wild by Interni: Perched upon the buzzing Kalafatis beach, the Wild by Interni provides its guests with a private bay area, a spa center and a wonderful cliff-edge swimming pool with views of the Aegean. Hosting a Greek restaurant in its premises, the hotel provides additional convenience. The striking decoration and design respect the Cycladic notes, enhancing them with earthy accents, wooden furnishing and verdant flowers complete its boho ambiance. A highly recommended lodging for couples and friends, conveniently residing only 5 minutes from Chora.

2 Doors villas: Only a few minutes away from Kalo Livadi bay, the elegant 2 Door Villas welcome travellers every year for their Mykonian vacation. The quiet location is an idyllic getaway from the bustling daily life, perfect for families, couples and groups of friends alike. The Cycladic architecture embeds boho and earthy details, with an emphasis on the stone element. Spacious and naturally lit interiors along with wide, exquisite exterior areas will host your unique memories of Mykonos. The large, pristine swimming pool tops it off, along with the lavish amenities and tailor-made arrangements. It is strongly recommended booking the villas months in advance, as they sell out quickly for summertime.

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Psarou Beach

8. Stay in Psarou Beach

Psarou bay is known as a pole of attraction for celebrities from around the world. It is about 5 kilometres from Chora with a convenient bus stop. Sunbeds can be quite pricey here and the shore is fully organized. It also hosts numerous wild parties and music events during summertime, making it very crowded. Booking your sunbeds in advance is the best option. Many beach bars and hotels can be found nearby.

Kensho: The Kensho experience is famous throughout Mykonos, as only the finer things in life are provided to guests for an unparalleled stay. Kensho Psarou takes its name from the shimmering beach it is located at and is only a short drive away from Mykonos Town. Elegance, minimalism, tranquility and pleasure seem to be the aspects around which Kensho revolves. From its striking design of Cycladic simplicity and tropical undertones throughout its premises to the top-tier services and amenities provided, its guests are always pleased. Immerse your mind and body in the wellness and spa facilities, the crystalline main and private pools or hot tubs, savor delicious cocktails and fresh meals in its bar and restaurant respectively. It is the ideal getaway for couples who need to unwind and feel rejuvenated.