Mykonos compared to Ibiza

Mykonos, the Ibiza of Greece: Mykonos, the second top summer destination in Greece, is known as a gorgeous nightlife destination and attracts millions of partygoers from across the world every summer. Clubs all over the island open when the tourist season starts in early May and usually close in October.

That translates into six months of extreme nightlife and super clubbing, as clubs and bars on the island stay open all day and night. The most famous clubs are Cavo Paradiso in Paradise beach and Pierro in Chora. Since Mykonos is a gay-friendly island, it also attracts many homosexuals and most clubs are gay-friendly.

The wild vibe of Mykonos is often compared to Ibiza, the Spanish island also famous for its nightlife. Clubs in Ibiza are also open all day and night in summer, while renowned DJs also give shows and present their new songs, as is the case on Mykonos. Both islands share marvelous beaches and are very well-developed.

The only difference is that Ibiza has developed its facilities since the late 1960s, while Mykonos - Ibiza of Greece - is a new-born wild party destination, as it started to flourish in the 1980s.