The residents stand up against mining activities

• Category: News

Clear and self-evident demands have been made by the residents of the Aegean island of Milos, as expressed by the municipal council. Local authorities will have to face the adverse consequences of mining activities on the island. Hence, permits granting the rights to mine on an island far from Athens cannot be granted without the consent of these local authorities.
The draft bill entails the central authority determine areas for mining activities in the remotest regions of the country. The rationale of the same has been faced with serious opposition for the Miliots, inhabitants of an island that has greatly suffered due to the adverse effects of mining activities.
A major issue in Greece is the execution of development processes and whether it is centrally planned, as is the case in the late socialist republics, or whether local communities will be able to provide their serious inputs in the place where they live. The islander’s concentrated and coordinated response once again raises this same issue. Also, everyone is aware of the many possibilities and the potential for environmentally sensitive development. Basically, it requires a clear and comprehensive framework of rules that are strictly adhered to and implemented as to ensure that one step of development does not negate another.
This mobilization of the residents of Milos makes way for other local communities that are suffering due to unplanned mining. For example: Attica where quarries choke many areas. Local communities and resident should have a definite say in the matter.