Songs of the World, Milos

Oct 02, 2016 — Oct 02, 2016 • Category: Events

A unique music concert will take place in one of the most significant archeological monuments of Milos Island, the Ancient Theater, on October 2nd at 7 o’clock in the evening. During the "Songs of the World" concert the multicultural Deutsche Welle Choir will sing various songs originating from different countries aiming to praise the values of peace, reconciliation and mutual understanding among the people.
The members of the Deutsche Welle Choir have different nationalities, so the audience has the chance to hear them sing in their own language while wearing the traditional clothes of their counties. Their singing promotes the power of music and at the same time, highlights the fact that all people should be united no matter their differences.
"Songs of the World" is a philanthropic event organized in memory of Hans Leber, a German doctor who saved the lives of many people in Milos during the Axis Occupation of Greece.
The proceeds from the concert will be donated to Milos Health Center and the entrance fee is 5 euros.