Milos Psathi beach

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General information

Psathi Beach Milos: Psathi is a small beach on the southern side of Milos, between Kipos and Gerontas. Much secluded and rarely visited, this beach can be reached through a track road or by boat. The coastline is a bit rocky and rather uncomfortable, but the water is clean. There are no facilities on this beach or in the surrounding area, due to the secluded geography.



1 Review
  • ablutsauger 15 Oct 2015
    Wild and not for staying
    I gave four stars exclusively for its appearance - wild beauty, sea caves, big rocks and wild waves.
    So, it's worth visiting for several minutes if it's on your way.
    However, have in mind you'll probably won't be able to sit or swim there. It's not pebbled beach, it's a wild thing, with bigger rocks with no possibility to sit there and enjoy and. More important, it can be very dangerous. Big waves in combination with those rocks in the water and you are a dead person.