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Agia Irini Village Kythnos: The village of Agia Irini is situated 6 km from Chora village, close to the popular resort of Loutra. It has a nice marina where fishing boats usually moor and the overall area is tranquil and picturesque.

This village also has some history value, since a battle took place there on 1st March 1862. Two officers, Nikolaos Leotsakos and Periklis Moraitinis, and Agamemnon Skarvelis, a university student, lost their lives during an outbreak against King Otto.

Nowadays, three marble plaques stand behind the church of Agia Irini to commemorate the battle and honour the fighters. Every year, on May 5th, there is a religious festival dedicated to the memory of Agia Irini, the saint-protector of the village.

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