Kythnos Aeolic Park

The Aeolic and Photovoltaic Energy Park in Kythnos, in the Cyclades: The calm island of Kythnos in the Cyclades hides an innovative technology site, which can feed the power requirements of the whole island while being extremely eco-friendly. The Aeolic and Photovoltaic energy park close to the capital village, Chora, generates electrical power from the heavy winds and the sunlight.

Before 1983 the power requirements of Kythnos were fed using diesel generators. But it was a costly and unreliable source as the tourist influx of summer season increased the energy requirement of the coastal villages by up to 8 times that of the winter. Installation of the five 20 kW wind turbines on the island helped in supplying most of the winter power, so in summer it worked in conjunction with the diesel generators to supply an overload to the stable power grid.

Later Photovoltaic Solar panel modules were installed in 1983. The Battery Inverter system of the park can supply 500kw for 10min to the whole island during peak hours or emergency loads. New turbines have been added to the park today as well as an advanced autonomous control system for the production of more energy.