Kythnos Local products

The rich land of Kythnos provides visitors with a unique culinary experience. The island is known for the good meat and fresh fish, but you can also find several products that locals make themselves like sausages, crackers, white cheese, and thyme honey which is considered one of the best honey in Greece.

The local cuisine is about the same as the cuisine of the other Cycladic islands. Once you are in Kythnos, it is worth trying the cheese pie and the meat with the potatoes if you are invited to a wedding or any other celebration. The famous sfougato is a kind of cheese croquette made with cream cheese. The dairy products of Kythnos are present on every occasion and you should not miss them. It is worth mentioning that the cheese and wine of Kythnos are known from antiquity for their high quality and taste.

The cheese of Kythnos is very popular and is a must-try during your stay on this island. Another famous product is the pie, served as both sweet and salty; it is available in numerous combinations such as with cheese, cinnamon, sugar, and dill. Honey is another specialty of Kythnos and lasts for a very long time. Sweets are also famous in Kythnos, the most popular is the amygdalota (marzipan sweets), prepared in the traditional way.