Looking for the ancient agora

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Posted by: Greeka.com on Nov 30, 2010
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As all evidents show, a building that is highly connected with the public life of ancient Kythnos came to light last summer after the archaeological research of Alexandros Mazarakis, professor of Archaeology in the University of Thessaly. Various findings, including clay female statues, vases, drinking vessels, even an iron manuscript that dates from the early classical times, plead that this building was the Prytaneion of the ancient town of Kythnos, which responds to the present seat of the government. In the same time, an underwater archaeological research in the bay of Mandraki Kythnos detected remains of the ancient port of the island. A rectangular building of the classical period is where two fireplaces have been discovered, which depict that the building was public and had a sanctuary in there. Combining these evidences with excavations in other archaeological sites all over the island, it can be assumed that this area was the Ancient Agora of Kythnos, that is the place where the people used to gather. The ancient town of Kynthos is called today Vryokastro or Rigokastro and it has been declared an archaeological site.

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