Koufonisia Kato Koufonisi

Location: Kato Koufonissi

Kato Koufonisi is a tiny paradise island that belongs to the Small Cyclades island group! Unlike its neighboring Ano Koufonisi, Kato Koufonisi is not inhabited, keeping its unspoiled natural charm. Untouched by mass tourism, Kato Koufonisi boasts amazing beaches, such as Hawaii, Nero and Laki, as well as a little tavern.

Every summer, travelers visit Kato Koufonisi to swim in the mesmerizing waters of its beaches and camp under the stars. Kato Koufonisi can be reached by boat from Ano Koufonisi. This boat departs from Ano Koufonisi every hour and makes two stops: one at Panagia settlement and one at Nero beach.


Map Of Kato Koufonisi


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