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Pori Beach Koufonisia: On the island of Pano Koufonisia, along with the other attractions, are also beaches vying for your attention. Pori beach is a lovely walk from the Platia Pounda Beach and 3,5 km north east of Chora where one gets to see a lot of coves and rock formations.

If you are not walking then you could take a beach boat from the Finikas or Pori camping sites. There is also an inland road back to the village of Chora and it is like a short cut one can take.

The beach itself is very nice with fine light sand and is in a nice half moon shape that makes it very well protected from the Meltemi, the north wind that blows in from time to time. The water is shallow and a clear clean blue, which makes it very nice for swimming.

Carry drinking water and other personal effects that you may need, as it does tend to get a bit warm. This beach is good for naturalists who like to get a tan as well as for those who just want to enjoy themselves with or without clothes.

Windsurfing is good here as there is a good wind blowing most of the time. As it is with all the beaches, the color of the sea, the scenery, the natural rock formations all go towards making the trip very varied in its experience of nature.

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  • wial45nt67 25 Jun 2008
    Completely isolate in April
    I was at Koufonisia in April, which is not high season for this island. It was me and my boyfriend at Pori, a very long beach with no people around, which was natural for such a small and isolate place. This was our best time on Koufonisia. I hate crowded beaches and people yelling and screaming. I prefer calm beaches like Pori. I don't know how this beach would be in summer, where there will be many tourists. But in April and May, you can enjoy all the peace you want. You can do some nudism too. Do not be afraid, no one will see you. You can take the boat to go to Pori or by motorbike.