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General information

Nero Beach Koufonisia: From Koufonisia you can take a boat to the island of Kato, which is basically Lower Koufonisia. You can get all information pertinent to boat timings etc prominently displayed at the dock from where you can embark the boat.

Nero is the destination for all tourists who board this boat. Nero is a small but attractive beach that is at Kato. Be prepared for crowds and ensure that you carry all your personal requirements including water.

The trip itself is also very nice and the beach makes a nice change from the one on Koufonisia. You will need shoes because this is a beach that has sand and stones, so walking barefoot may be an uncomfortable prospect as the stones become hot in the sun.

One can indulge in some stone collecting on this beach as the stones are pretty and very unique in their colors. One can do the trip in a day or even a few hours as the sun gets quite strong, so it can get a little uncomfortable. The journey depends on whether you are able to get place on the boat or not and it is the same for the return trip.

Nero Map

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