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Finikas Beach Koufonisia: Lying east of Chora, the Finikas beach is said to be one of the best ones on Koufonisia. It is also known as a textile beach.

The Finikas beach is one of four beaches that seem to merge into each other. It is difficult to know where one ends and the next one begins. The best way to get to Finikas is by foot. You also have the option of taking a beach boat. We recommend you walk it as the hike comes alive with experiences on the south coast.

It is only a 15minute walk from Chora. The beach of Finikas is a really small sandy beach but extremely beautiful. The water is an inviting blue and on Finikas you can find a taverna also. Keep some time in hand and you will have a relaxed day, swimming and enjoying the sun and the sand.

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