Kimolos Folk and Maritime Museum

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Location: Chorio
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The Folk and Maritime Museum of Kimolos was founded in 2009. It is located in the old town of Kimolos, in the castle and it is housed in a two-storey traditional house that has been reconstructed. The building is the former paternal house of the museum's founder.

The collection of the museum is private and it was built over time solely depending on the owner and the donations made by locals. Its purpose is to help preserve the folklore and cultural heritage of Kimolos.

In the lower floor of the museum, you will discover hundreds of everyday objects and decorative items of the past, including but not limited to ceramics, utensils, clothes, tools and equipment used in traditional craftsmanship.
The upper floor has been divided into two exhibitions; one of them is dedicated to Maritime and consists of nautical equipment and paintings related to sailing. The other one is a recreation of an authentic late-19th century house of Kimolos. Antique furniture and vintage decoration have been used in this part of the exhibition.



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