9th Folktale and Storytelling Festival

Jun 25, 2011 — Jul 10, 2011 • Category: Events
For the 9th year, the Folktale Festival takes place in the island of Kea Cyclades. This festival is a special event that was born out of love and the need to spread the cultural treasures, through fairy tale readings, theatrical plays, book exhibitions and creative games. The main theme of this year's festival is the Sea and its significant impact on people. The festival will include a special journey of numerous stories with mermaids, fish and dolphins, fishermen and gods of the sea, shipwrecks, sea caves and forgotten islands.

The festival will last from July 2nd to 10th, however the official opening will be one week later, on June 25th, with speeches, exhibitions and other events. This festival addresses not only to children but also to adults who want to experience a journey in the secret paths of the sea. Most narrations will be in Greek, however there are also some in French and English. The pre-festival will open on June 25th with folk musicians of Kea playing their traditional musical instruments, tsambouka and tsoumbi, to revive the ancient custom of Klidonas, while the following day the Athletic and Yacht Club of Kea will open the festival by sailing in the gulf of Agios Nikolaos. The pre-festival will close with presentations, storytellings and videos.

The Folktale Festival will be held on July 2nd to July 10th. The schedule includes narrations, painting exhibitions, competitions, shadow theater, music and poetry. On Saturday July 9th, five international European Festivals, all members of Fest (Federation for European Storytelling) from the UK, France, Norway and Italy will join the Folktale Festival to present their work. The closing event will be held on the chapel of Saint Simon, in collaboration from the cultural club Simeonidis from Kea. There will be a great feast accompanied by traditional music, narrations, dance and plenty of wine.

More info at: Folklore Festival