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Kea is the Cycladic island closer to Athens. The port of Kea lies in Korissia, a picturesque village 6 km northwest of Ioulida, the island’s capital (Chora). All ferry schedules to Kea arrive and depart from there. The only way to reach Kea from Attica is from the port of Lavrio. Starting from Kea, you can approach several Cycladic islands, including Kythnos, Syros, Paros, Kea, Ios, Sikinos, Folegandros, Kimolos, and Milos. On the other hand, you can approach Kea from Andros, Tinos, Syros, and Kythnos.

Important notice: Ferry schedules may vary every year. The ferry schedules for the summer season are announced by most ferry companies in March. You can find and book all available ferries on our booking engine, as soon as they are officially announced.
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Frequently Asked Questions



Most travelers approach Kea from the port of Lavrio. Lavrio is a relatively small port, located in the eastern region of Attica. No ferries to Kea depart from the other ports of Athens (Piraeus and Rafina).

• How long is the ferry trip?
The island lies in proximity to Attica, so the crossing lasts only around an hour, no matter the ferry you use for your transport.

• How much it costs?
Prices depend on the ferry company, however, the fare is more or less the same. More specifically:

  • 11.50€ for traveling with Blue Star Ferries
  • 13.20€ for traveling with Karystia Travel
  • 13.20€ for traveling with Triton Ferries
If you are interested in bringing your vehicle to Kea, the price of the ticket changes.
  • Blue Star Ferries vessels charge 31€ for a car (no matter the size) and 10€ for a motorcycle.
  • Karystia Travel vessels charge 34.50€ for small and medium-sized cars (<4.25 m), 45€ for large cars (>4.25 m), 12€ for a <250 cc motorcycle, and 16€ for a >250cc motorcycle.
  • Triton Ferries vessels charge 35€ for small and medium-sized cars (<4.25 m), 45€ for large cars (>4.25 m), 12€ for a <250 cc motorcycle, and 16€ for a >250 cc motorcycle.
• How frequent are the ferry itineraries?
Ferries depart from Lavrio 3-4 times per day but depending on demand ferry companies may schedule additional crossings.



Blue Star Ferries itineraries that terminate at Lavrio start from Andros and approach Tinos, Syros, and Kythnos before arriving at Kea, so you can use the ferry from these four islands.

  • Starting from Andros, the crossing to Kea lasts approximately 7 hours.
  • Starting from Tinos, the crossing to Kea lasts approximately 5 hours.
  • Starting from Syros, the crossing to Kea lasts approximately 4 hours.
  • Finally, starting from Kythnos, the crossing to Kea lasts approximately 1.5 hours.


The conventional Blue Star Ferry allows you to approach other Cycladic destinations starting from Kea.
After arriving in the port of Kea, the ferry continues its travel to Kythnos, Syros, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Sikinos, Folegandros, Kimolos, and Milos.
The most frequent destination is Kythnos which is approximately 90 minutes from Kea. The rest of the destinations require at least 4 hours to reach them.
In particular, you will need:
4 hours to reach Syros, 6.5 hours to reach Paros, 8 hours to reach Naxos, 10 hours to reach Ios, 10.5 hours to reach Sikinos, 11.5 hours to reach Folegandros, 13 hours to reach Kimolos and 14 hours to reach Milos.



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Important note: Schedules for summer routes of most ferry companies are officialy announced in March.

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Unfortunately, a day trip is unattainable since no ferries have itineraries from and to Kea on the same day.



Where is the ferry port in Kea?
The port where the ferries arrive and depart in Kea is located in Korissia. In Korissia you can find many tourist and eating establishments while you can also enjoy a walk along the promenade. Note that Korissia is not the capital of the island.

How to get from the port to the beaches?
By using the public bus, you can approach only a few beaches; in particular, Pisses, Gialiskari, Vourkari, and Otzias. Taxis on the island are limited, too. Travelers who look forward to exploring the coastline and have access to remote beaches need to have a vehicle during their stay in Kea.

Should I book my ticket in advance?
If you are traveling to/from Kea during the high season, it is strongly recommended to book your tickets as soon as possible.