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General information

Tris Ammoudies (literal translation: Three Sandy Beaches) are three small coves in the southwestern part of Kea's coastline, one of which is accessible by car and is known as Tris Ammoudies beach. It is a small yet marvelous beach with sand and little rocks. The waters are aquamarine, shallow, crystal clear, and usually calm because of the location that protects the beach from strong winds coming from the south.

The beach is pristine since access to it is relatively difficult, so you will either swim alone as if it is private or come across a small number of people. Additionally, you may even encounter tiny boats leisurely sailing along the coves.

If you are in the mood for exploring, you can swim for a couple of minutes and pay a visit to the other two coves that are only accessible from the sea.

Tris Ammoudies boasts no beach amenities. It is recommended to bring your own gear and food and water supplies to avoid unpleasantness.

The beach is a 6-minute drive from Vourkari, a well-known seaside village in Kea. If your starting point is Ioulida, you will need around 25 minutes to reach the area; if you come from the port of Kea, the drive lasts approximately 10 minutes.
However, due to the bad condition of the dirt road that leads to Tris Ammoudies, the route will last longer since you have to drive slowly and carefully.
Fortunately, the beach experience is worth the inconvenience of the road!

Tris Ammoudies Map

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