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Spathi Beach Kea: The beach of Spathi is one of the most beautiful on Kea. It is large with nice bright sand, and can be found at 14 km from Ioulida, the capital of the island. The travel to this beach is also very pleasant, since it takes visitors to an arid area of tranquil beauty, after which a green valley appears on the scenery.

This beach occupies an important place in history as well, since it used to be one of the main locations on Kea during the ancient times. This importance was related to economical issues, since the area used to be rich on iron and rubric, so it gave place to extraction activities.

On the other hand, this beach is mainly taken advantage of in tourist terms in our days, as it counts on some accommodation options, such as nice holiday cottages and a cafe near the beach. In addition, Spathi beach is also included on the bus service schedule, parting from Ioulida to Korissos, the ancient settlement.

In fact, this beach is highly recommended for those coming from Koundouros, looking for some peace and relax but at the same time, beauty and comfortableness. Remember that the popular Koundouros has an atmosphere that is comparable to the one on Mykonos, due to its many accommodation options, and its facilities, which still keep on growing.

Although this beach has not the high profile of those with water sports facilities, such as Gialiskari or Otzias, it is highly recommended for swimming, since its crystal blue waters are ideal for this activity. In fact, if you prefer to visit on weekdays, it is even possible to spend most of the day alone at this great beach.

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