Kea Mavrambeli beach

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General information

Mavrambeli Beach Kea: Mavrambeli is a quiet beach, offering a picturesque and calm environment, ideal for those who expect to relax and get away from big crowds. It is located on the northwest coast along with other more popular beaches, such as Gialiskari and Otzias.

This part of the island boasts several beaches with the same vibe as Mavrambeli, like Xyla and Melissaki. A road from the harbor of Kea leads to all the regional beaches that lie close to one another.

The beach does not count on any facilities, so it is important to take enough provisions, such as food and water. Mavrambeli is usually included in the main beaches of the northwestern side. The solitude this beautiful place provides will make you feel like you are on a private island. The fact that it doesn't get crowded also secures the cleanliness of its deep blue waters.

Mavrambeli Map

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