Kea Kaliskia beach

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General information

Kaliskia Beach Kea: Kaliskia is one of the beaches of the southeastern tip of Kea, along with Schinos Bay, Agios Philippos, and Platis Gialos. Most of the beaches in this area can be accessed via boat. 

Kaliskia is a pristine and quiet beach where you can appreciate the beautiful Cycladic setting without any distractions. The waters are azure, and the beach is mainly sandy with a few small pebbles. Because of its secluded location, it is recommended to take some food and water to avoid inconvenience, since the beach does not count on bars or taverns.

Although the access to beaches like Kaliskia is usually not as simple as the ones included on the bus schedule, keep in mind that it is because beaches like those preserve their original features, no matter how many tourists came to the island during the high season. On the other hand, secluded and remote beaches may comprise an attraction for those who enjoy island hopping and exploring.

Kaliskia Map

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