Kea Architecture

The architecture of Kea is strongly influenced by the authentic Cycladic architectural style, which features adorn the entire settlement of the island. Flat cubic houses built very close to one another become one with the small narrow paths reflecting the vibe of the ancient times. Ioulida can be characterized as a mix of traditional and neoclassical elements which can both be admired within and outside its borders. It counts on some beautiful buildings while from the top where the Venetian castle stands, the view to the rest of Ioulida is full of red tile roofs and lovely blue domed churches.

Today, the ancient paths of Kea island extend from one village to the other and visitors can have a complete view of the island's history through a long walk. One of the island's attractions is the Hellenistic watchtower of Agia Marina rising from the grounds of a 19th-century monastery as well as sculptures and prehistoric sites, like Korissia, an archaic settlement with remains of houses and temples.

In Ancient Karthea, an important but still unknown ancient site in the Greek islands, there are the temples of Athena and Apollo, the Temple of Asklepios and an Ancient Theater which constitute some of the greatest architectural specimens on this island. Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that have respected the traditional Cycladic architecture with simple decorations that match perfectly with the surrounding areas.