Ios Trekking

Trekking and hiking on Ios, in the Cyclades: Ios is thought as a Cycladic island of medium size and it is located on the southeastern part of the Aegean, between Naxos and Santorini. The rocky, barren landscape of the island, its picturesque views from the top of hills and its beautiful coves provide a wonderful chance for trekkers and hikers to explore the whole island.

Many hiking trails have been designed on Ios but most of them are track, so they may be quite difficult. However, there may also be some short routes for beginners. A short route is from Ormos, the port of Ios, to Chora, about 2 km away. The route won't take more than 20 minutes and passes close to the ancient walls and some beautiful Cycladic churches.

A longer route is from Chora to the monastery of Agios Ioannis and back, which lasts about 4 hours but you can see most of the island through this hike. You pass through the mills of Chora, the small theatre, the beaches of Mylopotas and Agios Prokopios, continue climbing up Pyrgos (704m), the highest mountain peak of Ios, and when you get to the top you will see the quiet and beautiful monastery of Agios Ioannis, which gives excellent views to the whole island.

This route is quite difficult and tracks at some points, so extra attention is required. Also make sure you have a map with you and enough water supplies, especially in hot summer days.