Ios Trekking

Hiking in Ios: On the island of Ios, a rich network of paths is trekked not only by travelers in the mood for hiking but also by locals, who use it for their farming activities. Many of the paths are signposted, but there are others that you can explore.

Below you can find some local trails that fans of trekking can follow.
We recommend that walkers carry enough water, take the necessary sun protection measures and wear shoes suitable for trekking. For long trails, it is best to carry food and basic first aid supplies, too.

• Trail 1: Chora - Skarkos - Ellinika - Agia Triada - Agios Prokopios

The first trail starts from Chora's Upper Square (Ano Piatsa), where a sign indicates the way to the ancient settlement of Skarkos. Then, trekkers will see three lovely churches - dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Agia Triada and Agios Prokopios respectively. After the latter, you can either turn left and head to Agia Theodoti Beach, or turn right and return to Chora.
Length: 5 km
Duration: 1 hour

• Trail 2: Chora - Agios Spyridon - Perivolia - Agios Prokopios - Agioi Anargyroi - Agia Theodoti

Like Trail 1, the second trail starts from Chora's Upper Square (Ano Piatsa). Around 300 meters before the ancient site of Skarkos, a path leads to Agios Spyridon Church. After reaching it, walkers will follow a path almost parallel to the main road and reach Agios Prokopios Church. Then, after descending for a while, a sign leading to Agia Theodoti shows the way to the beach.
Length: 8 km
Duration: 1.5 hours

• Trail 2A: Theodoti - Palaiokastro

The third trail starts from the right side of Agia Theodoti Beach. The path is parallel to the edges of the rocks. An old path that is visible from Paleokastro stops in a stream. According to locals, this road used to reach Psathi.
Length: 1.5 km
Duration: 45 minutes

• Trail 3: Chora - Theater - Agios Dimitrios - Prophet Elias - Agios Prokopios

The fourth trail starts from Chora's Upper Square (Ano Piatsa), where trekkers take the road leading to the windmills (the road on the right side of the church). After reaching the windmills, crossing the road and ascending, hikers will see the Odysseas Elytis Theater and the Gaitis Simosi Museum. After these two attractions, near Agios Dimitrios Church, the trail splits; the right path will lead you to Manganari while the left path will lead you to Prophet Elias Church and Agios Prokopios Church.
Length: 5 km
Duration: 30 minutes

• Trail 4: Chora - Agios Dimitrios - Agios Georgios - Agios Ioannis Monastery - Pirgos

Similar to Trail 3, walkers need to follow the road leading to the windmills on the right side of the church at Chora's Upper Square (Ano Piatsa). After passing by the Odysseas Elytis Theater and the Gaitis Simosi Museum and reaching the fork in the road near Agios Dimitrios Church, they have to take the path on the right, which is well-signposted. Mylopotas is visible on the right side up until reaching the asphalt road (after encountering a sheep shed). After ascending the asphalt road for a while, a local dairy farm is ready to welcome anyone who wants to try traditionally-produced cheese. The path continues opposite the establishment's entrance and leads to Agios Georgios Church, Agios Ioannis Monastery and the antennas in Pyrgos.
Length: 9 km
Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes

• Trail 5: Chora - Katsiveli - Mylopotas - Sapounochoma - Klima - Pikri Nero

Trail 5 starts outside the Scorpion Bar. Turning right at the sign that leads to Kolitsani, walkers will encounter a junction. After some time of trekking downhill, a path on their left leads to the beach. They can either stop and swim there or climb the stairs on the left and go to Mylopotas after walking another path. At Mylopotas' edge, another, relative easy-to-hike path leads to two rather secluded beaches.
Length: 8 km
Duration: 1.5 hours

Visitors can find maps of the trail network at the island's Citizen Service Center, next to the Archaeological Museum.
Alternatively, by visiting, they can download all trails to their devices. On the website, additional trails are available, such as three routes recommended for running.