Churches in Ios

From top to bottom, Ios is filled with whitewashed churches, found in every corner of Chora and its surrounded villages. Today, most of the churches and chapels are open to the visitors and many religious feasts are organized to commemorate the saints. Churches in Ios are characterized by their unique architecture (basilica with dome) and their old icons.

Panagia Gremiotissa is the first church that is well worth visiting in Ios. The whitewashed church stands on a privileged location, on top of Hora, overlooking the sea and the rest of the island. Its pure and simple architectural form in combination with its glorious ambiance captivates every visitor. It is the symbol of Ios and the most photographed site on this island.

The Cathedral of Ios is recognizable by its historic building that dominates the center of Hora. Its colors reflect the Cycladic architecture and its interior is well-decorated with many icons. Another church that dots the landscape of Chora is Agia Ekaterini built on the remains of an ancient temple.