Ios Aqueduct of Agia Theodoti

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Location: Agia Theodoti

Agia Theodoti is a seaside settlement located in the southern part of the island of Ios about 10 km away from Chora. You can either take the asphalt road from the windmills in Chora or follow the road to the rear of the valley. The region, with its small gulf, golden beach, and deep blue waters, is also of key archaeological interest.

There are visible remains of a tower from the Hellenistic period and traces of an ancient aqueduct in Ios near the hill of Agia Theodoti. There are also two water tanks called Tholo and Tholaki from the Frankish period. By visiting the Agia Theodoti aqueduct, you can truly marvel at the ancient engineering techniques that were used to build these structures.



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