First Meeting for Greek Bloggers

Jun 02, 2007 — Jun 03, 2007 • Category: Events
The relatively small but lively and growing world of Greek blogosphere got a much-needed boost when the first Greek Blogger camp was held on Ios, Cyclades, on June 2-3, 2007. The participations to the camp were few but interesting figures and included bloggers, technicians, representatives of Internet firms, web designers, advertisers, and analysts. Greek bloggers got the rare opportunity to meet not only each other but also promoters of the Web advertising, like Panos Sambrakos from Ogilvy as well as people from Phaistos Networks and Pathfinder. The creator of the Wordpress blogging software, Matt Mullenweg, and independent web designer, Steve Smith, were also invited to the camp. The Camp discussed the various new trends on the Internet and the widening impact of social networks. The participants exchanged their views in an informal atmosphere, often at the beach and cafes. All were very pleased that the Greek blogging community was finally taking shape and focus. They stressed that every day more and more Greeks bloggers submerge and their role is more active than bloggers from other countries. The participants arranged to have their next meeting arranged on May or June 2008 to discuss on the changes and evolutions that will have come up till that date.