Ios Tripiti beach

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General information

The beach of Tripiti in Ios is a stunning, light-colored sandy shore and boasts mesmerizing, clear turquoise waters! This secluded cove has surrounding cliffs filled with lush, low vegetation and is essentially split in half due to a rock formation that lies in the middle of the seashore! Tripiti is rumored to be one of the finest, most picturesque spots in all of Ios!

Tripiti Beach is a non-organized destination, having no sunbeds or nearby facilities. Since it is quite a remote beach, it is tough to approach by land, so it is highly recommended that you visit Tripiti with the help of a boat! Its untouched, natural beauty guarantees that regardless of the difficulty, the beach is worth the trip, especially for snorkeling lovers that would like to explore its seabed!

Tripiti Map

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