Folegandros Folklore Museum

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Location: Ano Meria
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The Ecological and Folklore Museum of Folegandros, Cyclades: The village of Ano Meria is home to the elegant Ecological and Folklore Museum of Folegandros. This unique museum maintains a perfect blend of ancient and modern tastes providing a cultural insight into the island's traditional life and also being surrounded by a typical Greek kafeneio and many taverns.

The museum is housed in one of the most beautiful rural residences with walls made of stone and mud, without the use of plaster. This is how the houses used to be built in order not to be discerned by the pirates in the past. Visitors will also see an old threshing floor, remains of an olive press, and a primitive wine press. Among the exhibits daily life utensils, local costumes, an old loom, panniers, jars, and many more items are included.

The efforts of the Folegandros Cultural Society for the establishment of the museum were instrumental and worth mentioning. The museum opened to the public in 1988 and includes a library where one can refer to traditional practices. The Folegandros Folk Art Museum also includes an open-air theatre in the courtyard, which was once a threshing floor. It offers a panoramic view of the whole island and the surrounding sea.



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