Andros Watermills

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Location: Korthi

Andros Watermills and Windmills: Almost all the islands belonging to the Cycladic group have long since tapped the immense power potential that the region offers by way of windmills as well as watermills and Andros is no exception.

The neighborhood of Korthi, in particular, is where an innovatively designed windmill by the name of Tavlomylos was developed. This windmill was conspicuous by its horizontally rotating wheel and also had a perpendicular axis. These innovative windmills can still be found in the principal Municipality area which also boasts of numerous classical style windmills. These windmills were fully functional until a better part of the last century.

Everyone is aware of the fact that there is a serious water crisis in the Cycladic Island. But Andros Island is an exception. Here there is no shortage of water which means the locals have used their brains to tap the water power. It was formed an even greater network of water-mills, since the use of water as a driving force has, compared to wind, the advantage of stability, durability and better control, regardless of weather conditions.

In Korthi area you can find more than 40 windmills, excellent samples of pre-industrial technology. Most of them are in Dipotamata, but there are also in Aidonia, Vouni and Piso Meria.



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