Painting exhibition of Paul Delvaux

Jun 28, 2009 — Sep 27, 2009 • Category: Events

An exhibition dedicated to the Belgian surrealist painter Paul Delvaux will be presented this summer in Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art in Andros, from June 28th to September 27th. This thematical exhibition will include 60 works of the artist that come from different museums, foundations and personal collections in Europe and the USA. The paintings of Paul Delvaux have been particularly influenced by the culture of ancient Greece and they are famous for their female nudes. Paul Delvaux (1897-1994) was born in the Belgian province of Liege and studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Although his father wanted him to become an architect, he followed painting courses and presented his first solo exhibition. His work was inspired by the metaphysical art of Giorgio de Chirico and the science-fiction novels of Jules Verne. His most characteristic paintings depict nude women who look as hypnotised, often wondering through classical sites.