Noguchi for first time in Greece

Jun 27, 2010 — Sep 26, 2010 • Category: Events
Works of Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988), a prominent Japanese American artist and landscape architect, will be hosted for the first time in Greece in the Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art, Andros. 42 sculptures, 34 designs and some photographs from theatre performances held in Europe, Asia and the USA will be displayed from June 27th till September 26th. The title of the exhibition is Between East and West and it refers to the two worlds that Noguchi grew in and created his works. After all, throughout his life, he continuously traveled and broadened his experiences: Greece had always been a great inspiration for him, in Mexico he discovered the seduction of works in large climax, in Japan he was inspired by the harmony of the gardens, in China he was fascinated by the india ink and in Italy he was amazed by the purity of marble. This exhibition attests the strong connections of the artist to the Greek culture. In fact, his mother, who was a writer, introduced him in the ancient Greek mythology and motivated him to visit Greece many times in his life. In these trips, Noguchi was impressed and inspired by the classical sculpture and used it frequently in his art.