In Media Res in Kydonieos Institute

Jul 27, 2013 — Sep 29, 2013 • Category: Events
The cultural event Ploes was inaugurated last Saturday, July 27th, in Kydonieos Foundation in Chora Andros. This year, the subtitle of the event is In Media Res/ On the road to Ithaca and 20 artists/sculptors participate. This subtitle shows the middleway of the hard situations that we live daily, aiming to reach humanitarian values for our cultural (and not only) survival tomorrow.

The curator of the exhibition, Athena Schina, adds that it is necessary to redetermine our way of thinking among all these challenges that we confront in our daily life and that modern art depicts these challenges, making us stronger. The exhibition is dedicated to the poet C. Cavafy for the 150 years since his birth and the 80 years since his death. The exhibition lasts till September 29th.