Andros Paleopolis

Ancient Paleopolis in Andros, Cyclades: Paleopolis was the ancient capital of Andros and lies 9 km from Batsi, with its port and market sunk. Its name means old city and flourished from the Classical ages till the Roman times. The size of the ancient city is known from the remains of the ancient wall that once surrounded the area. Archaeological research has shown that the city had a thriving marketplace, a theatre and some temples.

Today, close to the site of the ancient town, on the slopes of Mount Petalo, there is the modern village of Paleopolis. This village has a small museum that houses findings from the archaeological excavations held in the area in 1956.

To go to the area of ancient Paleopolis, you can follow a narrow path to the sea and step down the 1,039 steps to the ancient settlement or just drive your car there. There are some remains on the shore and you can also see the sunken meeting place (agora) at the bottom of the sea.