Amorgos Vroutsis

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General information

Vroutsis Village Amorgos: Vroutsis is a small village located on a hill at the southeast of Amorgos, 11km from Chora. It is inhabited only by a handful of people who are mainly involved with fishing and cattle-breeding. The first traces of inhabitance in the settlement date back to the end of the post and middle-Cycladic period (3rd BC).

Today, the picturesque village of Vroutsis consists of little white houses with well-decorated balconies and flower yards that give a sweet fragrance of basil. The people in Vroutsis are very friendly offering a great hospitality. It is a place with peaceful and tranquil atmosphere allowing guests to spend some of the most memorable vacation.

The village has numerous interesting sites to visit like the church of Agios Nikolaos in Kamari and the prehistorical settlement of Markiani located 2km towards Kamari. Also, the remains of the ancient town of Arkesini were traced in the area. The magnificent beach of Mourou is located near the village.



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