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Very wild 5 / 5 stars
This island is very wild in comparison to others I visited in Greece (There are more wild goats than people living in it) . After you get out of the boat, you could almost smell the goats! It is also pretty windy there all the time. There are no trees or vegetation, its mostly rocks and wildness. Some roads are in very poor condition so be careful driving deeper into them. And finally I would especially recommend to get special water slippers as it is only one beach in the island, other places are very rocky!

Here is one of videos I made:
Category: Amorgos General
A beauty outside this world 5 / 5 stars
Every summer I try to spend some time in Amorgos, this truly magnificent island that has literally stolen my heart. When I first visited Amorgos, some years ago, I was impressed by the beautiful scenery and picturesque atmosphere. Now every summer I want to combine my holidays in Cyclades with few days in Amorgos.

A walk in the village of Chora is just perfect for your first acquaintance with the locals of Amorgos, you will walk a labyrinth of alleys, see the old traditional houses and some really cute old fashioned kafenia, where people meet during the day. Chora is ideal for strolls and it is worth exploring its medieval character. The white color in combination with the steep landscape of Amorgos creates a unique scenery that can really captivate you. The monastery of Hozoviotissa is a must visit, the entire architecture and the view from there are fascinating to watch. When you get up to the Monastery, you will try the best rakomelo ever, especially made for visitors by the monks!

Amorgos is pretty unspoiled from tourism and most of the beaches are quite isolated. I personally love Agios Pavlos and some small beaches where you go on foot. Levressos is absolut paradise, you might feel a little lonely at times but if you arrive early in the morning, you will have the beach for yourself. The nightlife of Amorgos is romantic. There are a couple of clubs on the island, but as I am too old for them, I can't say if they are good or not. For the nights, I prefered a nice dinner by the sea, a short walk along the beach and many hours of moonwatching from the hotel balcony.
Category: Amorgos Hotels > Filoxenia
Nice hotel 5 / 5 stars
We stayed in Filoxenia at the end of August 2011, together with our two daughters. Very polite owners, clean rooms, very nice view. Honest hotel run by honest people.
Category: Amorgos Hotels > Chora
thank you for everything 5 / 5 stars
We must say that its a really beautiful pension with cosy and comfortable rooms.The service was quick and helpful.Clean towels and sheets every day.The hostess Mrs Moscha is a very friendly and talkative young woman.
What helped us most was that the rooms are isolated from all the noise but 2minutes from Chora on foot!!
We had a great time and somehow every guest of the pension in every room one way or another became friends!! Like a big family!!!
We strongly recommend it to all Amorgos Lovers!!
Category: Amorgos Hotels > Lakki
Fantastic 5 / 5 stars
We had excellent time at lakki village. Beautiful place, wonderful people, we stayed there 10 days in july 2011.
Category: Amorgos General
What a great island 5 / 5 stars
After visiting Amorgos Island for the first time in my life, I really was amazed about this beautiful piece of land, green and blue. I also did some geocaching there (at least 20 caches). I'm sure I will be ack again soon.
Category: Amorgos General
Unforgettable days 4 / 5 stars
This island is something else! We spend there a whole week (me and family) eating, going out and swimming in the beautiful beaches. We rented a great apartment in Chora, very comfortable and with magical view. Chora is a small village with narrow pathways and lovely windmills. I loved the architecture of the houses and the lordly buildings with fine decoration. We visited Egiali beach, one of the most popular in the island. It has amazing waters and great fish taverns.

Agia Anna and Paradisia were ideal for me, small and isolated with crystalline waters. Luckily most of the beaches are situated near Chora and they are easily reachable by car. Visitors also shouldn't miss the Monastery of Hozoviotissa located in a beautiful landscape against the rocks. Although apart from this monastery and the castle, Amorgos has few sights to see, it is still a very interesting place with natural beauty.
Category: Amorgos Hotels > Filoxenia
Thank you. 5 / 5 stars
Great memories from our journey in Amorgos and at your hotel, with its beautiful sunset.
Thank you for your simplicity.
Djah╬┐da et Gil.
October 2010.
Category: Amorgos General
Impressive sceneries above all 4 / 5 stars
A lovely and peaceful island in the centre of the Aegean. The most fabulous thing on Amorgos is the scenery. No doubt why I've heard so good words about this island and why people want to go back over and over again. Chora is a beauty with all those labirynth streets and the coffee tables on the sun! Some spots really gave gorgeous views to the blue sea. And the sky was so bright, so clean, so cloudless. Take the walk from Chora to the Monastery and you will love it. Going up the stairs to the monastery can be a bit tiring on a hot day, but worth the effort. Our room was in Agios Pavlos by the sea, but we had rented a motorbike which make our vacations a lot easier. Buses in Greece are generally not very trustful, and usually they are packed especially in summer, so a motorbike is the cheapest and more convenient next solution. Katapola was also nice and if you walk a bit behind the cliffs, you will find amazing small beaches where you can be absolutely alone. Aegiali is nice but mostly for the evenings, because it has lots of beach bars and lounge cafes along the beach. Drive around Amorgos and you will discover fabulous small villages with friendly old people.
Category: Amorgos Hotels > Lakki
Greetings 5 / 5 stars
We are two Aurtralians who have just spent three
wonderful weeks at lakki village. Lovely gardens, great restaurant. beautiful beach front views, friendly staff. We will be back. Thank you Nikki. Richard & Sofia
Category: Amorgos Hotels > Aegiali Camping
COMING!!! 5 / 5 stars

we will come July 2010!!!

Love to see you all again!!!!

Category: Amorgos General
Massif of rocky mountains 4 / 5 stars
Amorgos is an astonishing massif of rocky mountains. There aren't too many beaches but there are a few secluded with small pebbles and clean water. Amorgosis well connected by a network of hiking trails that are frequented by donkey riders. We actually toured most of the island on foot. I would strongly recommend the trail down from Chora to Katapola. For non hikers, there are buses that operate between the villages.

Our studio was in Katapola to be close to the port and the beach. There are many bike rentals in the port and fish taverns all over. Chora is a nice place to walk in the evening and its lounge bars good to relax after a day of sunburn!! In the morning, the smell of the bakeries is to die for. Actually no need for a breakfast. We used to take a cheesepie and a coffee from the bakery and then go right away to the beach.

The only sight in Amorgos is the monastery, 30 minutes trekking from Chora. Climbing up the stairs to the monastery will give the most amazing views. Then swim in the small beach of Agia Anna. The large pebbles will beuncomfortable for your feet but the scenery is very beautiful.
adelheid21 Category: Amorgos General
For lazy people like me 5 / 5 stars
Not comfortable ferry trips from Athens to Amorgos in June and in bad hours, very early in the morning or late at night (maybe better schedules in high season??), but the island is so much worth the effort.

A great place for lazy people like me who want to lay on the beach, eat a lot of good food and go to sleep early and quietly. Amorgos is not at all good for nightlife. You will see some bars in Chora but nothing extreme. Most bars we saw opened only on Fridays and Saturdays, in the weekdays they closed at midnight.

The beaches are beautiful and apart from the main beaches of Aegiali and Katapola, you can find many other smaller bays if you are not afraid to walk a bit. You will be alone in amazing places and nudism is welcome in some of them (but not officially). Be aware that the island is quite big, with mountains and very windy, so you'd rather rent a car than a scooter! Buses are also good, but their timetables should be more frequent and in better hours.
sam57 Category: Amorgos General
Come home with new spirit 5 / 5 stars
Amorgos is the perfect island for hiking. We found several hiking paths on the Internet but we tried only the easy routes because we are beginners in walking. So, we went from Chora to Agia Anna and the Monastery on foot, which took about 1 hour. I believe these three spots are the most beautiful on the island. Especially the view from the Monastery to the Aegean is the best!!

Of course, Aegiali and Katapola are also lovely, but the best with Amorgosis that you have the feeling you're walking on paths that nobody has ever walked in the past... It's a strange feeling and very rejuvenating, isn't it?

In the inland of Amorgos, you will feel totally free and come back home with new spirit to face your problems. I loved that people there were so relaxing: sleeping at noon, go fishing, farming the land, children playing in the square.

I was just sad that most residents were old. Young people should have more motivations to live in the Greek islands. Our hotel was in Chora. Although we were not close to the beachside, we were in the centre of the island. After all, most trekking paths start from there.
Category: Amorgos General
Fairyland 5 / 5 stars
It's been many years since I first visited Amorgos (eight years to be punctual!!) and every time I go back and I see the ferry docking, I have this strange sense that I am returning home.

I come to Greece almost every summer since 1998 and I have seen many lovely Greek islands, but Amorgosis something else, something like a fairyland, like the unknown land where the knights go to rest when they are tired from saving so many innocent princesses!!!

Do not expect anything from Amorgos and the island will give you all. Every step you set from the port to the inland is like moving to another space, like deepening in the heart of paradise. If there is a paradise on earth, then mine is in Amorgos.

Every summer, I go for at least two weeks and these days are enough to relax and spend winter, waiting for the next summer. Trekking to the monastery and Agia Anna is a favourite activity. Just try it early in the morning. At noon, it is too hot and in the afternoon, the night night trap you and as there are no lights in the streets, you will find it hard to come back.

The two edges of Amorgos (north and south) are the least developed and expect nobody to ruin your privacy there, even in the middle of summer. For good fish, Aegiali and Katapola are the typical places and for a walk, you will love Chora. Please, don't tell other people how amazing Amorgos is, let us be the only to hold this secret!!

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