Yperia Tourism and Culture Conference 2015

Event from Oct 21, 2015 until Oct 26, 2015
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Posted by: Greeka.com on Oct 05, 2015

The Cultural Association of Tholaria-Amorgos and Aegialis Hotel and Spa are organizing and hosting YPERIA 2015, from October 21st to 26th. This is the 13th International Convention on Culture and Tourism, taking place on the island of Amorgos.
Journalists, tourism professionals, hoteliers, producers and other distinguished people from around the world are participating to this international meeting that is actually organized around three points: day walks around the island as a press trip to discover the special beauty of Amorgos, conferences on cultural and sustainable tourism and screening of the International Short Tourism Film Festival of Amorgos.
In the day, participants will walk ancient hiking paths, visit historical monuments, collect herbs from the countryside, enjoy local products, visit workshops and attend many other activities that will allow them to discover this beautiful island. In the evening, conferences and talks will follow on socio-economic, cultural and environmental prospects for the development of Amorgos.
These conferences are taking place at Aegialis Hotel and Spa every evening from 19:30 and are open to the public. One hour before the conferences, there will be film screenings in the premises of the 6th International Short Tourism Film Festival. The convention is taking place in English.

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