Nougat Festival

Aug 19, 2018 — Aug 19, 2018 • Category: Events

It’s not a secret that Amorgos offers many chances for entertainment. One of them is the Nougat Festival (or Pasteli Festival), which takes place at the central square of Chora!
Nougat is a Greek sweet, typically made of sesame and honey. In Amorgos though, the recipe is a little different! Nougat made in Amorgos is softer than nougats made in other places of Greece.
But, what makes this event worth attending? Local people make nougats right in front of visitors’ eyes, so that they can see the procedure and learn all the secrets of the recipe! After being made in the traditional way, nougat is served on lemon tree leaves, along with local raki, a traditional alcoholic beverage.
Like every traditional Greek Festival, there will be traditional Greek dances and folk music! This means visitors will sing and dance till the first morning hours.
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