Rethymno Hiking

Crete's rocky Rethymnon is, to many hikers, a preferred destination for some off-road hiking trips! Known for its picturesque villages, vast gorges, and beautiful mountains, Rethymno boasts an array of official E4 marked routes and various unmarked, yet popular, trails for anyone willing to explore the nature of Crete! The stunning views from the mountain peaks of Rethymno and the secret gorges of the prefecture make it a must-visit for Crete visitors, with trails passing through Rethymno Town, the fantastic village of Anogia, and the gorgeous Spili! Reach Rethymno and try the hiking trail of your choice!

Below are the mapped-signposted and some unmapped trails that one can follow.
We highly recommend that all hikers carry enough water, take the necessary sun protection measures, and wear shoes suitable for hiking. For the longer trails, it is best to bring food and basic first aid supplies.

Official E4 routes

• Trail 1: Kallikratis Village - Argiroupolis

A dirt road from Kallikratis in Chania that leads to various old chapels, Asi Gonia and Argioupolis.
Length: 16 kilometers
Duration: around 5 hours

• Trail 2: Argiroupolis - Agouseliana

Trek through the settlements of Kato Poros, Mountros, Agios Georgios, and the church of Timios Stavros, witnessing beautiful landscapes before reaching the village of Agouseliana.
Length: 23 kilometers
Duration: 7 to 8 hours

• Trail 3: Agouseliana - Spili

Pass by the villages of Kastogrida, Atsipades, Koxare, and the entrance of Kourtaliotiko Gorge before encountering whitewashed chapels and the mountainous Spili.
Length: 13.3 kilometers
Duration: 4 hours

• Trail 4: Spili - Gerakari

Starting from Spili, reach the gorge of Agia Fotia, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, and choose a rocky, challenging path or an easy-going route to Gerakari.
Length: 18.5 kilometers
Duration: 8 hours

• Trail 5: Gerakari - Aplitra (Toubotos Prinos Shelter)

Climb up to Psiloritis Mountain after the settlements of Opsigias, Petrohori, Vizari, and Fourfouras, then reach the shelter of Toubotos Prinos.
Length: 22 kilometers
Duration: from 3 to 8 hours

• Trail 6: Shelter at Toubotos Prinos - Nidas Plain

Go along a river bank towards Kako Plai, then trek your way through the treeless path to reach Ideon Andron and Nidas.
Length: 14 kilometers
Duration: over 6 hours

• Trail 7: Frangokastello - Kato Rodakino

Beginning the southern route of the E4 Rethymno treks, this paved road is a windy walk through the lively villages and towards the fantastic Kato Rodakino Village.
Length: 14 kilometers
Duration: over 3 hours

• Trail 8: Rodakino- Agios Konstantinos

Start by following a narrow street from Rodakino, pass through olive trees and have a trip through Krioneritis, Alones, and Vilandredo to reach Agios Konstantinos.
Length: 20.5 kilometers
Duration: 7 to 8 hours

• Trail 9: Agios Konstantinos - Armeni

Passing by Ano Valsamonero and Petres River, reach the plateau of Armeni, characterized by its abundance of grass and trees.
Length: 15 kilometers
Duration: 5 hours

• Trail 10: Armeni - Arkadi

From the Late Minoan Cemetery of Armeni, have a challenging trekking experience up to the top of Brisinas Mountain and then descend to Seli, Mirthios, and Arkadi.
Length: 15 kilometers
Duration: 9 to 10 hours

• Trail 11: Arkadi - Garazo

A lengthy route from the Monastery of Arkadi to the church of Agia Paraskevi, Eleftherna Village, the stunning Margarites, Choumeri, Episkopi, and Garazo.
Length: 32 kilometers
Duration: 11 hours and 30 minutes

• Trail 12: Garazo - Anogia

Witness an array of archaeological sites, impressive churches, and traditional villages, such as Livadia, Veni, and Krana, before the Monastery of Diskourios and Anogia Village.
Length: 16 kilometers
Duration: 5 hours

• Trail 13: Anogia - Zominthos - Nida

A circular route from the village of Anogia to the church of Agios Iakinthos, the church of Agios Mamas, and the observatory of Skinikas, then to Nida and back to Anogia Village.
Length: 22 kilometers
Duration: 8 hours

• Trail 14: Nida - Rouvas - Zaros

Starting from Nida and moving toward Ammoudara, reach near the peak of Mavros Koumos Mountain, spot the artificial lake of Votomos, and stop by Zaros before your return.
Length: 19.5 kilometers
Duration: 7 hours and 30 minutes

Some known unmarked routes

Preveli Viewpoint - Preveli Beach
Duration: 2 hours and 50 minutes | Length: 8.45 kilometers

Old mill - Waterfall (from Xiro Chorio)
Duration: 3 hours and 50 minutes | Length: 12.55 kilometers

Old mill - Waterfall (from Chromonastiri)
Duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes | Length: 8.5 kilometers

Old Port of Rethymno - Old Town of Rethymno
Duration: 1 hour and 55 minutes | Length: 7.3 kilometers

Plakias Village - Kalypso Beach
Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes | Length: 7.85 kilometers

Kato Poros Gorge - Vilandredo Canyon
Duration: 3 hours and 20 minutes | Length: 11 kilometers

Old Town of Rethymno (west tour)
Duration: 55 minutes | Length: 4.3 kilometers

Rethymno Town - Mylo Gorge (loop trail)
Length: 16.1 kilometers

Prassano Gorge
Length: 13.5 kilometers

Patsos Gorge
Duration: 3 hours