Rethymno Archaeological Museum

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Location: Town
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The Archaeological Museum in Rethymno Town, Crete: The Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon was founded in 1887 by the Society of Friends of Education. Since 1991, the museum is housed in the Pentagon bastion opposite the main entrance of Fortezza, while the gift shop of the museum is housed in Lotzia. The museum hosts findings from various ancient sites, caves, and excavations all over the prefecture of Rethymnon Crete.

These findings date from the Late Neolithic and Proto-Minoan times till the late Roman period. In particular, the exhibits include vessels, tools, figurines, collections of coins, weapons, helmets, ceramics, jewelry, marble statues, stele from ancient monuments, columns from temples, pieces of daily use and many other items connected with life in the ancient times. The exhibits are placed in chronological order and by excavation site.



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