Rethymno Church of Panagia Charakiani

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Location: Bali

The church of Panagia Charakiani is located on the highway connecting Heraklion Town to Rethymno Town, in a distance of a 6-minute drive from the Monastery of Attali. It was named after a large rock called Harakas that lies in the nearby valley. According to tradition, a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary was discovered under this rock.

The church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and is the most significant place of worship in Rethymno, gathering thousands of believers every August 15, the day of its celebration. Many people, called dekapentaristes, camp outside the church for two weeks until that day. It is estimated that it was built during the Venetian period, while its walls are adorned with modern murals depicting mostly Cretan saints.



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