Rethymno Georgoulakis Museum

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Location: Asomatos
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Georgoulakis Museum is a family-owned folklore museum founded in 2001 by the priest Michalis Georgoulakis.
It is located in the village Asomatos, 30 km from Rethymno.
The museum's outstanding private collection has been housed in a 19th century mansion that hasn't been renovated and retains all of its original features.

The objects displayed date from 1800 and onwards. The exhibition starts at the yard, while inside the museum, the interior of a traditional Cretan house has been successfully recreated.

Visitors have the opportunity to see a wide variety of everyday life items, some of which are exceptionally rare. Among them, you will find antique furniture, agricultural tools, paintings, machinery, ornaments, books and more.

The opening hours of the museum are from 10:00 to 16:00 and the admission fee is €2.5, while children up to 16 enter for free.



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