Rethymno Apoplystra Rock Formations

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Location: Agios Pavlos

Between Agios Pavlos and the impressive sand cliffs of Akoumiani Gialia Beach on Cape Melissa, in the area of Apoplystra, rise some of the most impressive rock formations on the entire island.

These folds, which are reminiscent of sculptures with geometric patterns, were crafted by nature’s own hand around 50 million years ago, during the mountain-building process that shaped the main massifs of Greece and led to the closure of the Mediterranean Sea. They are the result of tremendous forces that compressed white limestone and dark-colored flintstone rocks inside the abysmal depths of the sea. This is why it has even been proposed that they should be declared one of Greece’s listed natural monuments.

These stunning rock formations cover a great area and are easily accessible through a dust road or a short path that starts at Agios Pavlos Beach.



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