Tomb with golden leaves found in Crete

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More than 3,000 golden leaves and the first depiction of the bee as goddess of fertility were hidden in a single double tomb that was recently discovered in Ancient Eleftherna Crete. It is estimated that the tomb is 2,700 years old and it was located just under the centre of the ancient site of Eleftherna, few metres away from the famous tomb of the soldiers. The archaeologists noticed that at some point stones were gathered together and formed a kind of protection, which made them believe that there was a tomb underneath. They had to dig deeply and move a rock of 700 kilos to face this impressive excavation: a double tomb with golden leaves, vases and other valuable pieces inside. The tomb had been untouched for 2,700 years and the golden leaves were sewed around a winding sheet that covered a female body from head to toe. The rich winding sheet shows that the woman buried there was of noble origin and her age is estimated around 22-25. Things are not that clear for the second person buried inside the tomb, a man of indefinable age, owner of an iron armor that was found next to him. The results of the anthropological study will tell more certain facts about these two people.