Museum to be constructed in Eleftherna

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The latest archaeological findings in Ancient Eleftherna Crete have been a catalytic factor for the construction of a museum next to the ancient site. This museum will exhibit some of the most impressive findings that have come to light the last decades in Eleftherna, one of the most important ancient towns of Crete, located about 30 km from Rethymno. The Hellenic Council of Museums has already given its permission for this work. The construction won't start yet because the work has to be included in the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework). Among the precious items found in the excavations were several golden jewelry or even rare items from the tombs of Necropolis, such as crystals, glass bottles, and ritual items. Also, the exhibition will host about 4,000 findings in private storage areas. According to the archaeological research, the floor will be split in three large exhibition areas: eastwards, centrally and westwards. The first section of the exhibition will include antiquities from both public and private life in the ancient town, the second section will include the worships and the sanctuaries and the third will include burial customs. The museum will also have a study center. The exhibition will have further developments allowing the replacement of the exhibits every 4 or 5 years, therefore the museum can be updated with several findings coming to light from the excavations.