Rethymno Gialopotamos beach

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General information

Gialopotamos Brach (also known as Gialopotama) is one of Rethymo’s least known and least visited beaches, but it’s undoubtedly a stunner. It is one of Crete’s many beaches formed at the mouths of rivers and streams.
This beach is so secluded that on the rare occasion, one comes across other people here, it is almost always a troop of hikers heading to or from the Preveli Gorge.

Gialopotamos is situated in an area with hardly any human habitation, and as such is completely unorganized. Its dark-hued sands mix with pebbles, rocks, and boulders to form a rugged coast, but there is still plenty of room to lay down a towel and lie comfortably under the sun.

The waters of the Libyan Sea here are a clear deep blue, and the relatively deep seafloor is contrasted by massive monoliths up to 10 metres tall, which form minuscule bays and grant this beach a unique coastline. The water around this beach is cold due to the openness of the Libyan Sea, but also due to the stream that empties its waters here.

Gialopotamos Map

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