Rethymno Agios Georgios Lichnistis beach

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General information

Agios Georgios Lichnistis is the beach located on the eastern side of Agios Georgios Cove, 60 kilometers south of Rethymno Town. It was named after the Greek word lichnizo, meaning "to separate the wheat from the straw by throwing it in the air".

The area is not very touristy, and the weather is generally mild, making it an ideal resort for relaxation and a good swim. The coast is covered in dark, coarse sand and gray pebbles, and the waters have a lovely deep blue color. It is semi-organized with a few umbrellas, and you will find a few rooms to stay in in the area, along with a small traditional tavern serving delicious local dishes.

Agios Georgios Lichnistis Map

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