Lassithi Sasteria Observatory

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Location: Makrigialos

Sasteria Observatory in Agios Stefanos, Lassithi Crete: In Lassithi, there is a private observatory called Sasteria. It is located to the southeast of Crete, in the village of Agios Stefanos, and is owned by Philip Feys and Chantal Debrabandere. This observatory works all year round and gives visitors a unique opportunity to see the wonders of the sun and the night sky. The location is ideal since Agios Stefanos village is high up in the mountains and therefore the atmosphere doesn't suffer night light pollution, as in the big cities.

Sasteria offers you the chance to observe the sky through modern telescopes. You can go in day or night, alone or in groups. The prices vary, depending on the time of the day and the number of people. It is also possible to rent the equipment for one or more nights if you want to observe the sky by yourself. Nonetheless, if you need any professional guidance, do not hesitate to ask. In addition, many astronomy events are organized in times when special astrological phenomena take place.

Furthermore, the observatory of Agios Stefanos organizes Art-Workshop seminars, such as painting seminars. Therefore, you will have the chance to learn how to paint and to practice, painting the traditional houses of Agios Stefanos and its lovely mountainous surrounding. All these activities are guided by professionals.

In addition, if you are a trekker, you should know that there are frequent trekking routes organized. You will walk through the forests, cross old paths and view the amazing flora and fauna of the region. If you get tired, you can have a traditional Greek coffee at the local coffee shop.

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