Kornaria Festival 2018

Jun 02, 2018 — Aug 31, 2018 • Category: Events
Location: Sitia

It’s not a secret that Sitia is a city with unique character that enchants visitors with its history. This summer, it welcomes for another year, the most popular festival of the area: Kornaria Festival.
Kornaria Festival is named after the famous Cretan poet Vitsentzos Kornaros, who was born in Sitia. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sitia is a city full of music and poetry. Strolling around its streets feels like a fairy tale. This is one of the reasons why it is such a popular tourist destination!
Truth is, Sitia has played a huge role in the evolution of music, theater and poetry. Therefore, it has been characterized as the “city of arts”.
The visitors will have the chance to attend a great variety of events during the festival, like theatrical performances, concerts, dances and many more.
The combination of the unique cultural program of the festival, the amazing beaches and the traditional villages is unbeatable!