Heraklion Portela Gorge

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Location: Keratokambos

Portela Gorge is located in southeastern Crete and is 4.6 kilometers long, starting near the village of Chondros and going all the way down to the area of Keratokampos. Along with the gorge of Ha and the gorge of Arvi, it is one of the most rugged ones in the whole country.

Being full of narrow passages, rivers, waterfalls, and ponds, it is very popular among experienced canyoneers. Relevant equipment is necessary, but bear in mind that it can be highly dangerous on rainy days. It is supplied with more water than any other gorge in the area, but there is usually no water during the summer months.

The route may be difficult but the setting promises a truly rewarding experience, filled with rappelling, jumping, sliding and even swimming.

Alternatively, there is a path that runs parallel to the gorge from Chondros to Keratokampos, and hiking along it usually takes about 2 hours. However beautiful it may be, though, it cannot be compared to the inside of the gorge.

The area of Keratokampos is also famous for the spectacular Richtra Waterfall, which is over ten meters tall and is formed by the river that passes through the Portela Gorge. Above it, there are other waterfalls too, but Richtra is the best-known one, as it is easily accessible.



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