Heraklion Koudoumas Monastery

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Location: Koudoumas

Located right by the sea and 80 km from the city of Heraklion, near Sternes village, the Monastery of Koudoumas is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary. It was established in 1870 and it was constructed on top of the ruins of an older church that dated to the 14th century.

The chancel of its church has been constructed inside a cave and only a small fragment from a 14th century mural has been preserved. Two important icons are being kept inside the church. There are a few cells at the monastery, although most monks reside in cave houses near the monastery.

It celebrates every year on August 15th, offering hospitality to those who arrive to spend the night before the festivities start. It also celebrates on July 10th to honor the two monks St. Eumenios and Parthenios that undertook its construction.

The monastery can be reached by car and two hiking paths connect it to the villages Ai Giannis and Paranymphi. The beach which is located outside of the monastery is great for swimming, although it does not offer beach facilities.



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