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Housed in the Venetian building “Palazzo d’ Ittar” at 18 Epimenidou Street, in the heart of Heraklion city, Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology offers a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of Ancient Greek Technology, by promoting interactive learning and analytical thinking for both greek and english speaking visitors of all ages.

The exhibition “Ancient Greece - The Origins of Technologies” explores a lesser known side of the ancient world by providing around 75 unique objects on display with an innovative technological profile. Among them, you will discover the automatic servant (the world's first robot) and the automatic theater of Philon, the hydraulic clock of Ktesibios and Antikythera Mechanism, the world's first computer.

Combining contemporary display tools with a good team spirit, Kotsanas Museum will allow you to learn about the most fascinating aspects of Ancient Technology and its contribution to our current technology. Audiovisual material is provided in English and Greek, as well as explanatory texts for each exhibit in multiple languages. The visitors will be able to get a better understanding of the objects on display and their functions through a carefully chosen selection of images, videos and designs.

Special workshops, conferences, meetings and events that are suitable for both young and adult learners are regularly organized, fusing knowledge, culture and entertainment and teaching about robotics and mathematics among other kinds of science.

In addition, the museum offers an outdoor snack-bar and a souvenir shop, from where you can purchase handmade replicas of the museum's most important items.

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The museum’s most recent actions:

- Mythology, art, folktale and robotics workshops for children and adults.
- Digital tours and workshops.
- Private interactive tours for undergraduate or postgraduate students: experimental exhibitions complemented by audiovisual material in English and Greek.
- School tours, to familiarize young learners with ancient technologies through interactive learning.
- Lectures on geniuses of Ancient Greece.

Summer 2022 timetable (from the 1st of May):
Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00

Entrance Fee (€):
Interactive tour: €10 per person (minimum number of participants: 4)
General admission: €7
Reduced ticket: €5 (proof of eligibility required)
Online interactive tour: €5 (minimum number of participants: 8)
Family tickets: €15 (2 children), €16 (max 3 members), €20 (max 4 members)
You may book your tickets online here 

Additional Information:
Website: www.kotsanasmuseum.com
Tel: (+30) 2810220610, (+30) 6934557648
E-mail: crete@kotsanasmuseum.com

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